2017: Year in Review

2017: Year in Review

I’ve had my ups and downs this year, as I’m sure everyone has. Hurricane Irma wasn’t fun, even though I know how lucky we were to escape the worst. Medically speaking I had a rough summer and then a rough autumn, but hey, life goes on.

Personally, we lost our family matriarch this past summer. My great-aunt was a grandmother to me and lived a long and wonderful life. Our family got together to celebrate her 90th birthday earlier in the year before her health started to decline. I always imagined she would be at my wedding one day, but I’m grateful for all the time I had with her and that she got to meet Kevin and see how happy I am.


Speaking of Kevin, this summer we moved into our first apartment together. That was exciting and I’ve had to learn to let him be my caregiver. I’m so used to my mom being the first person I call. That’s been an adjustment … a good adjustment. It’s been fun discovering some of our differences, like when it comes to decorating. I love knick-knacks and Kevin doesn’t care for them at all (even though half of my knick-knacks were gifts from him, ha!).


Even though it’s not always easy to plan ahead with an unpredictable illness, we still managed to travel; cruised the Caribbean (St. Marten, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas), Atlanta, Key West, Nashville, Vermont, and of course  Disney World.


When it came to my health I dealt with painful ovarian cysts and a flare-up that I’m still trying to get through. Hoping my current treatment plan will give me a healthy 2018.


Thank you for reading my posts about life with Crohn’s Disease this year. I know my audience is small (hi Mom!), but I appreciate that you give me a few minutes to speak from my heart or ramble nonsensically.

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Cheers to a happy and HEALTHY new year!

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